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Version v01.91 released

Sat Mar 18, 2017 10:13 am

I hope most of you already know that Version v01.91 was released on March 14 to keep BASIC! alive on the Google Play store. It is also on BinTray.
I wrote a release announcement for the forum, but it looks like I forgot to hit "Submit"! So here it is -- again.
Thank you to the forum users who noticed and reminded me, especially @dtrieb.

You can download the new version directly from BinTray or from Paul's FTP server.
The Release Notes are on Bintray, too. For v01.91 look here, and for all versions here.

For the whole story view or download the updated manual, De Re BASIC!, from Bintray or from Paul's FTP server.

Here are the release notes, mostly as they appear on BinTray. I hope they are complete. Please post if you know of something I missed.
Version 01.91 Release Notes
Release date: 2017/03/14

  • Sw.break works in a single-line IF statement (new in v01.90).
  • Label lines are not cached unless they are executed. Early caching by the preprocessor masked syntax errors. Fixed in v01.89, but broken again in v01.90.
  • Variables passed by reference into a function can autocreate like other variables.
  • Backslash escape no longer doubles ordinary letters.
  • Byte.read.number and Byte.write.number syntax error no longer crashes BASIC!.
  • Run command with an empty filename parameter is ingored, no longer crashes BASIC!.
  • Unhandled App.start and App.broadcast do not stop the program. Instead they report through the GETERROR$() function.
  • Missing or revoked permissions cause an orderly termination instead of a crash.

  • Editor About: opens an information screen with links to interesting resources for BASIC! programmers.
  • Move to SD CARD: added support for the Android Applications manager "MOVE TO SD CARD" option.
  • New ZIP commands: Zip.Dir, .Count, .Open, .Read, .Write, and .Close.
  • New commands Device.language and Device.locale retrieve two common values of the Device command without requiring Telephony permissions.
  • New command Program.info returns a bundle of information about the program you are running.
  • New function COMMAND$() function: if you launch a standalone app based on BASIC! from a registered file extension, this function returns the path to the file.
    Note: the COMMAND$() function is not net yet listed in the manual.
  • New options on ENCODE$() and DECODE$() allow encryption without first encoding to Base64.
  • New flags parameter on the WakeLock command to wake the screen when a lock is acquired and hold the screen on for a while after the lock is released.
  • Run command with no filename parameter reruns the current program, unless you did not save before running.
  • Audio.load can load data from a URL, such as an audio stream from a website.
  • The HTML mode now supports HTML5 full-screen video.

Credit for most of the enhancements goes to longtime forum contributor @mougino.

These changes are described in more detail in De Re BASIC!, the user's guide and reference manual of BASIC!.
There is a GitHub post as well, Issue #231, but as of this writing all it contains are links to the announcement posts for intermediate builds v01.90.01 and v01.90.02. Visit those posts for links to discussions on the forum or on GitHub of almost all of the changes in v01.91.

- Marc
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