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 Post subject: Photo Mondrian
Unread postPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:44 pm 

Joined: Sat Jul 04, 2015 7:28 am
Posts: 51
Way back in high school in the 80s, we used to make a program that would create a random rectangle and then flip all of the white pixels to black and all of the black pixels to white. The rectangles would then start to overlap.

Here is a version that uses photos to flip pixels to negative values and back to the original values.


Fn.Def Extension (FileName$, Type$)
Correct = 1
Extension$ = Upper$ (Right$ (FileName$, 3))
If Extension$ <> "JPG" & Extension$ <> "PNG" & Type$ = "Graphics" Then Correct = 0
If Extension$ <> "TXT" & Type$ = "Text" Then Correct = 0
If Extension$ <> "BIN" & Type$ = "Binary" Then Correct = 0
Fn.Rtn Correct

Fn.Def PickFile$(Type$)
flag = 0
file.dir "", Existing$[]
Array.length filecount, Existing$[]
list.create s, allfiles
for count = 1 to filecount
if Extension(Existing$[count], Type$) = 1 then list.add allfiles, Existing$[count]
list.size allfiles, filecount
list.toarray allfiles, FilesofType$[]
Filesoftype$[1] = ">" + Filesoftype$[1]
FileSelect = GW_NEW_PAGE()
Message$ = "Select a " + Type$ + " File:"
myselbx = GW_ADD_SELECTBOX(FileSelect, Message$ ,FilesofType$[])
GW_ADD_LISTENER (FileSelect, myselbx, "Submit", "Submit")
inpaxn3 = GW_ADD_SUBMIT (FileSelect, "Select")
GW_RENDER (FileSelect)
if is_in (GW_ID$(inpaxn3), r$) then
File = GW_GET_VALUE(myselbx)
If File < 1 then File = 1
File$ = FilesofType$[File]
GW_CLOSE_PAGE (FileSelect)
Fn.Rtn File$

File$ = PickFile$("Graphics")
gr.bitmap.load source, File$
gr.bitmap.size source, wide, high
gr.screen scwide, schigh

gr.screen scwide, schigh %resize the bitmap to fit the screen if necessary
ratio1 = 1
ratio2 = 1
if wide > scwide then ratio1 = scwide / wide
if high > schigh then ratio2 = schigh / high
ratio = min(ratio1, ratio2)
If ratio < 1 then
wide = wide * ratio
high = high * ratio
gr.bitmap.scale newsize, source, wide, high
source = newsize

gr.bitmap.draw workarea, source, 0, 0
gr.screen.to_bitmap canvas

gr.bitmap.draw newarea, canvas, 0, 0

gr.bitmap.drawinto.start canvas

gr.set.stroke 2


let startx = Floor(Rnd() * (wide - 1))
let stopx = Floor(Rnd() * (wide - 1))
if stopx < startx then
temp = startx
startx = starty
starty = temp

let starty = Floor(Rnd() * (high - 1))
let stopy = Floor(Rnd() * (high - 1))
if stopy < starty then
temp = stopx
stopx = stopy
stopy = temp

for x = startx to stopx
for y = starty to stopy
gr.get.bmpixel canvas, x, y, alpha, red, green, blue
let red = 255 - red
let green = 255 - green
let blue = 255- blue
gr.color alpha, red, green, blue
gr.point dummy, x, y
if mod(y,10) = 0 then gr.render
next y
next x

until (1=0)


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