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 Post subject: Re: Graphic Controls Generator/Handler
Unread postPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2014 4:41 am 

Joined: Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:21 am
Posts: 220
I don't seem to be able to reproduce these two problems so I can only suggest possible solutions.

When a string control is clicked it should display the virtual keyboard header box which uses four bitmaps which should be present in the data folder ("delete24.png", "cut32.png", "copy32.png" and "paste32.png"). Do you have these four bitmaps in the data folder?

In an attempt to handle the shift key on external keyboard I altered the handling of the two inkey$ commands in the virtual keyboard routine. My external keyboard (UK layout) shows the shifted value of a single is the @ sign but when pressed the double quote character appears on the screen. I created two pairs of arrays (in the function "LoadKBDKeyVal"), one pair for normal key presses and one pair for shifted key values. In each case the first array contains the incoming inkey$ value and the second array contains the converted character to be displayed. For the UK setting I just swap round the values of the second array values so that the displayed characters matches the marked physical key values. No other input methods (eg: INPUT, TEXT.INPUT, etc) should have been changed.

There are two inkey$ commands (INKEY$ s1$ and INKEY$ s2$) just after the label "bkpstart:". What values are s1$ and s2$ set to when you press the single quote key. How do these values compare with the values in the array pairs described above?

 Post subject: Re: Graphic Controls Generator/Handler
Unread postPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2014 9:54 am 

Joined: Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:58 am
Posts: 3
Thanks Jeff,

I had delete_24.png, copy_32.png, cut_32.png and paste_32.png; renaming them to remove the underscores has resolved the problem.

I have discovered that the Keyboard issue is not anything to do with basic or your code. Sorry for the Red Herring.

 Post subject: Re: Graphic Controls Generator/Handler
Unread postPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:27 pm 

Joined: Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:21 am
Posts: 220
Just uploaded v1.15 of the GraphicControls package. See below for details of changes.

5 files changed/uploaded:
- GraphicConstants.bas
- GraphicControls.bas
- GraphicControlsTestBed.bas
- GC-Optimiser.bas (New)
- GC-QuickRef.pdf

!Graphic Controls v1.15 Changes

!* Added new control type "bcFRMCHKBUTTON". Based on the Option Button control but uses check boxes rather than
!  option buttons and allows multiple selections to be made. To set the initial value(s) of the check boxes
!  use the normal "ModCtrlData(CtrlNo,Data$,1)" command where 'Data$' consists of one or more check box names
!  separated by the bcRECBREAK$ character (eg: "Apples"+bcRECBREAK$+"Bananas"+bcRECBREAK$+"Pears"). To get
!  a list of the checked values use the "sel$=GetCtrlData$(CtrlNo)" function. On return 'sel$' will contain a string of
!  checked names in the same format as the 'Data$' described earlier.
!* Added new Picture control function - VScrollPicture(ctrlno,pos). Used to vertically scroll a picture
!  to position "pos". The function will correct a pos value out of range so to scroll to the top of a
!  picture a pos value of '0' can be used or to scroll to the bottom a value of 'picture control height'
!  can be used. Function returns the new scroll value.
!* Added new Picture control function 'scale=GetPictureSize(pCtrlNo,&pW,&pH)'. Returns pW and pH (Width
!  and Height) set to actual size of last picture loaded into control. Function returns the scaling factor
!  used to resize the picture so it fits within the control.
!* Added new control function 'CtrlVisible(ctrlno,v,render)'. If parameter 'v' is set to 1 control will be made
!  visible otherwise control will be hidden. This function combines the two existing functions 'ShowCtrl' and
!  'HideCtrl' enabling one block of CtrlVisible commands to be used to control visibility rather than having to
!  have one block of ShowCtrl commands and a second block of Hide commands. The existing commands, ShowCtrl and
!  HideCtrl, have not been removed.
!* Added new control function 'CtrlEnable(ctrlno,e,render)'. If parameter 'e' is set to 1 control will be
!  enabled otherwise control will be disabled. This function combines the two existing functions 'EnableCtrl'
!  and 'DisableCtrl' enabling one block of CtrlEnable commands to be used to control enabled state rather than
!  having to have one block of EnableCtrl commands and a second block of DisableCtrl commands. The EnableCtrl
!  and DisableCtrl commands have not been removed.
!* Added new SpinButton style "bcSPINREV$". Reverses the operation of the 4 buttons. With this style the left
!  2 Down Buttons will increment the counter and the right 2 Up Buttons will decrement the counter. Makes user
!  interface seem more logical for example when altering the "y" coordinate of a control moving it up and
!  down the screen.
!* Added new SpinButton style "bcSPINLR$". Causes the buttons to be drawn with the button graphics pointing
!  Left and Right rather than Up and Down.
!* Added new Listbox style "bcBANDING$". Causes row backgrounds to be drawn in alternate colours bcSYST1 and
!  bcSYST2. The two colours bcSYST1 and bcSYST2 are new light gray colours used to tone down the banding effect.
!  Banding style is a variation of the grid style so will not work if the style "bcHIDEGRID$" is also specified.
!  When the "bcBanding$" style is used the Data Text and Background colours are no longer used when drawing the
!  data area of the listbox control so instead they are used when drawing the Column Heading box for "Listview"
!  style listboxes. 
!* Added new Picture style "bcPICROTATE$". In order to set the rotation angle a new function has been added
!  "ModPicRotate(CtrlNo,Angle,Render)" where 'Angle' is the required rotation in degrees. A positive angle
!  rotates the picture clockwise and a negative angle rotates the picture anti-clockwise.
!* Changed control "bcFRMTEXT". Title string has been removed so it's now just one long text field with no
!  no Title Edit button. First line of text string can act as a title string if required. Removed associated
!  control style "bcNOTITLEEDIT$" as it's no longer required. When clicked a "bcFRMTEXT" invokes the
!  "TEXT.INPUT" method whereas the bcFRMSTRING invokes the build in virtual keyboard "Input" method. 
!* Changed GetRowCount function so it works with Combobox controls as well as Listbox controls.
!* Changed MsgBox$. Now splits long lines into shorter section(s) and limits number of text lines to 10. If more
!  than 10 lines present the excess lines will be ignored and the string " ..." will be appended to the end of
!  the 10th line.
!* Changed the way "Mod" commands work. Mod commands can only be used after a control has been drawn (via the
!  DrawForm command) as they 'modify' the various graphic objects making up the control. Rather than cause an
!  error, Mod commands executed before a control has been drawn will now just call the equivalent "Set" command
!  and exit. The two exceptions to this are ModCtrlDrawnBitmap and ModCtrlObj as there is no equivalent "Set"
!  commands so these two commands are just ignored.
!* Changed user function 'MoveCtrl(pCtrlNo,pType$,pX,pY,pW,pH,pRender)' so it now works with Picture controls.
!  Pictures can be both moved and resized. pType$ indicates if coordinates are either "A" absolute screen
!  positions or "R" relative to last position.
!* Changed Option Button drawing. In the past the round button size was always based on the control's font size.
!  Now the minimum button size of 24 will be used when the font size is less than 24.
!* Reworked bitmap tracking so they can be automatically deleted when no longer required. This was to try and
!  fix memory leak problems. Don't think this completely cured the problem but it helped. Existing Bitmaps are
!  automatically cleared each time a new form is started (using the StartNewForm command). Once a program is
!  working it might be a good idea to call the DeleteBitmaps function both during the program close routine
!  and in the ONERROR block.
!* Renamed modctrlcaptxtcol, modctrlcapbakcol, modctrldattxtcol and modctrldatbakcol to modctrlcaptxtclr,
!  modctrlcapbakclr, modctrldattxtclr and modctrldatbakclr (ie: Changed col to clr). Same rename applied to
!  the four get control colour commands (eg: getctrlcapbakcol renamed to getctrlcapbakclr).
!* Replaced 'LoadKBDKeyVal()' with new function 'SetKBDLang(pLang$)' where pLang$ = "US" or "UK" (default
!  is "US" so need not be set using this command). Change required as language setting was not saved so it
!  would revert back to default value each time the keyboard controls were created.
!* Removed Listbox/Combobox style 'bcQUICKNAVN$' and changed 'bcQUICKNAVA$' to 'bcQUICKNAV$'. Not sure how
!  useful the 'bcQUICKNAVN$' option was in it's current form. Also changed (simplified) the alpha Quick
!  navigation dialog to make it easier and quicker to operate. Added a [Q] symbol to Listbox Title bar to
!  indicate when QuickNav is available. Also added [Q] symbol to Combobox control which only appears when
!  drop down list is active.
!* Updated Graphic Controls Reference Card.
!* Added new program "GC-Optimise.bas". Does not use any Graphics. To run alter the name of the program source
!  assigned to the variable "BasFile$" at the start of the program to the name of the program source to be
!  processed, then run the program to produce the optimised output file (same name as the source file but with
!  a prefix of "Run-" added.
!  Program will do the following:
!    - Remove all spaces not inside quotes.
!    - Remove all comments.
!    - Replace all Graphic Controls constants with their actual values and then remove all constants defines.
!      Consolidate multiple Graphic Control constants into one string.
!    - Remove all blank lines.
!    - Combine split lines (split using ~ character).
!  For maximum memory saving optimise both the GraphicControls.bas and GraphicConstants.bas source files as
!  well as any programs using the Graphic Controls.   

 Post subject: Re: Graphic Controls Generator/Handler
Unread postPosted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:52 am 

Joined: Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:21 am
Posts: 220
Just uploaded a new version of the Graphic Control Files.

!Version v1.16 changes:
!* Bug Fixed - Font field was being scaled on Shape controls (used to set line thickness) which could
!  lead to a 'stroke' of less than 1 raising an error.
!* Bug Fixed - Changed Quicknav to do a non case sensitive search.
!* Bug Fixed - Scrollbar width/height not scaled. Added new constant "Scrollbar". Set to 40, it is
!  used to set all vertical scrollbar widths or horizontal scrollbar heights and is scaled so that
!  it fits the current form (eg: When 'Listview' columns are sized).
!* Bug Fixed - Reordered code so that function 'Hourglass_Hide' actually 'hides' Hourglass.
!* Bug Fixed - SetCtrlData not working for multiple entries on bcFRMCHKBUTTON control.
!* Bug Fixed - Wrong pivot point used when rotating a Picture Control.
!* Bug Fixed - "IF <condition> THEN CALL <function> ELSE CALL <function>" can give "extraneous chars
!  at end of line" error. Can't consistantly reproduce but split code into multiline IF THEN, ELSE,
!  ENDIF commands anyway.
!* Bug Fixed - bcNOBORDER$ not working on 'Shape' controls.
!* Bug Fixed - Adjustment increment (0.1) used in calculating form scaling factor was too coarse.
!  Altered it to 0.01.
!* Various bugs fixed, tweeks and Cosmetic changes made but were not documented at the time changes
!  were made.
!* Removed Graphic Keyboard. The Graphic Keyboard was written because the INPUT command did not work
!  in graphics mode. The INPUT command has since been updated so the Graphic Controls routines have
!  been changed to use this new version of the INPUT command. All the code for the Graphic
!  Keyboard has been moved to the file GraphicControlsKB.bas so it can be restored if required.
!* Added new Listbox style 'bcCOLSORT$'. Applies only to 'Listview' style Listboxes. If style
!  applied, clicking on a column name in the Listview's column heading box will result in the
!  contents of the listbox being sorted into order using selected column as the sort field. A small
!  marker ("^") will appear at the right hand corner of the selected column heading indicating which
!  column is currently being used as the sort column. Each time a selected sort column header is
!  clicked then column will be resorted alternating between sorting in ascending order and descending
!  order. Sort order is not case sensitive. Added diamond Up/down indicator to listbox title bar to
!  indicate when column sort has been enabled.
!* Added option set all checkboxs when loading a ListBox. Just prefix each row with either
!  "[_]" (not set) or "[X]" / "[x]" (set) (ie: same format as that returned by the GetCtrlCap$()
!  function.
!* Added new Spinbutton style 'bcSPINDN$'. Causes arrow icons on buttons to be all drawn pointing
!  downwards (ie: [vv][v]_0_[v][vv]). Cosmetic change only but when spin button is used to control
!  the rotation of an object it looks more logical.
!* Changed Quickview available indicator from "Q" to Binoculars icon.
!* Added new Picture style 'bcPICCROP$'. Applies only to pictures that do not have the 'bcPICSIZE$'
!  style and causes the Picture control borders to be adjusted to fit round the incoming bmp shape
!  so removing any left/right or top/bottom gaps between the picture and control frame.
!* Altered use of the AddControl 'middle' parameter for Picture control. It's now used to initialise
!  the width of the border drawn round the control. Values between 1 and 9 will set the width.
!  A value of zero will result in no border being drawn.
!* Added new user functions 'SetPicBdrWidth(CtrlNo,Width) and 'ModPicBdrWidth(CtrlNo,Width,Render)
!  so that the width of the border drawn round a picture control can be adjusted within a program.
!  Width should be in the range zero to nine.
!* Updated QuickNav panel. Added numeric search values zero to nine.
!* Updated QuickNav search operation. Previously the QuickNav option (on Listboxes) only searched
!  column one for a matching value. Now if the 'bcCOLSORT$' style is applied then the QuickNav will
!  search the currently selected sort column for a match.
!* Enhanced QuickNav panel. Search can now operate on either sorted column or entire list row.
!  Search string can be multiple characters rather than just one. Search string can be matched
!  either with beginning of search field or anywhere within the search field.
!* Added new user function 'SetLVWSortCol(CtrlNo,ColNo)'. Sets the current sort column to 'ColNo' on
!  a Listview style Listbox control. It does not actually sort the listview contents or display the
!  column sort marker but the column number set will be used in future QuickNav requests. First
!  column is numbered one and this is default value assigned when listbox control is created.
!* Added a couple of Virtual Keyboard tweeks. Added new button "Swap Case" which toggles the case
!  of the character either immediately to right of cursor in 'insert' mode or above the cursor in
!  'overwrite' mode. Clicking anywhere after the end of the current input string will now position
!  the cursor at the end of the string rather than being ignored. (Note: changes done before Virtual
!  Keyboard code was removed).
!* Changed String and Text handling. 'Touchcheck' function will now return control to calling
!  routine when one of these two controls are clicked on regardless of whether the data value was
!  actually changed.
!* Added four new styles to MsgBox - bcCLRINFO$="I", bcCLRQUEST$="Q", bcCLRERR$="E" and
!  bcCLRCRIT$="C". If present they invoke the SetMBTypeClrs function to set the colours of the
!  MsgBox being displayed. Colours schemes are Information, Question, Error and Critical.
!* Added new constant bcBlank$ (="--Blank--"). If the virtual keyboard input string is set to this
!  value it will be reset to "" before input starts. If on exit of the virtual keyboard routine the
!  new input value is set to "" it will be changed to 'bcBlank$' value before returning to calling
!  code. Main use is in Combobox controls that allow list values to be added (style 'bcALLOWNEW')
!  as it allows a blank value to be labelled and removes the need for the label to be deleted in the
!  virtual keyboard routine before a new value can be entered.
!* Added two new user commands "LoadUserFont(fname$,&capkey$,&datkey$)" and "ClearUserFonts()".
!  Allows external fonts to be loaded and used within the GraphicControls. "fname$" is the name of a
!  font file to be found in the "Data" folder. On return from the LoadUserFont call the two
!  parameters "capkey$" and "datkey$" will be set to the id of the font just loaded. These variables
!  can then be used in the same way as all the other style constants to set the style of either
!  caption or data fields (eg: bcALIGNRIGHT$+bcCAPBOLD$+capkey$) and can be given meaningful names
!  (eg: CapOldEng$, DatOldEng$).
!  Up to 5 fonts can be loaded and used at any one time. The ClearUserFonts function will delete all
!  the currently loaded fonts so another 5 could be loaded if required.
!  These loaded fonts can also be used in specifying multiline Listbox content, the tag values are
!  "<T>", "<u>", "<V>", "<W>" and "<X>".   
!* Added 'LET' and 'CALL' keywords as suggested in the forum in an attempt to increase speed of
!  execution.
!* Added new Picture Test Page to TestBed program. Used to test bcPICSIZE$, bcPICSCROLL$,
!  bcPICCROP$ and bcPICROTATE$ styles.
!* Updated Quick Reference PDF.

Attempted to tidy up the GraphicControls Folder - See below for details.
Refer to GraphicControls_Readme.txt for details of file usage.

- Main GC Files:
  * GraphicConstants.bas        - Updated
  * GraphicControls.bas         - Updated
- Sample Programs using GC:
  * Calculator.bas              - Updated
  * GC-Optimiser.bas            - Updated
  * GraphicControlsTestBed.bas  - Updated
  * SourceViewer.bas            - Updated
  * Temperature.bas             - Updated
  * GraphicControlsKB.bas       - Added. Reference only. Contains Graphic Keyboard code

- Text Files:
  * GraphicControls_Readme.txt               - Updated
  * GraphicControls.pdf                      - Unchanged. Still in need of a major update
  * GC-QuickRef.pdf                          - Updated
  * GC-FormatingHelp.txt                     - Updated
  * Screenshot_Calculator.jpg                - Updated
  * Screenshot_GC-Optimiser.jpg              - Added
  * Screenshot_SourceViewer.jpg              - Added
  * Screenshot_Temperature.jpg               - Added
  * Screenshot_TestBed-MainScreen.jpg        - Updated
  * Screenshot_TestBed-ListboxTestPanel.jpg  - Added
  * Screenshot_TestBed-PictureTestScreen.jpg - Added
- Icon Files:
  * GC-Critical.png     - Renamed, was 'Critical.png'
  * GC-Exclamation.png  - Renamed, was 'Exclamation.png'
  * GC-Information.png  - Renamed, was 'Information.png'
  * GC-Question.png     - Renamed, was 'Question.png'
  * GC-Hourglass1.png   - Renamed, was 'Hourglass1.png'
  * GC-Hourglass2.png   - Renamed, was 'Hourglass2.png'
  * GC-Hourglass3.png   - Renamed, was 'Hourglass3.png'
  * GC-Close.png
  * GC-Help.png
  * GC-Save.png
  * GC-Tablet.png
  * GC-Copy.png         - Renamed, was 'copy32.png'
  * GC-Cut.png          - Renamed, was 'cut32.png'
  * GC-Delete.png       - Renamed, was 'delete24.png'
  * GC-Paste.png        - Renamed, was 'paste32.png'
- Misc Files:
  * GC-Click.ogg        - Renamed, was 'GCClick.ogg'
  * GC-TestFont1.ttf    - Added

- Source Folder Files:
  * ExpenseTracker.bas          - Buggy Code. New version available but currently
                                  updating fails in Basic v1.86.
  * FoodManager.bas             - Old Code - Not maintained. Updating fails in Basic v1.86.
  * PictureTimeLine.bas         - Buggy Code. New version available but currently
                                  updating fails in Basic v1.86.
  * PictureTimeLineExifData.bas - Part of PictureTimeLine - Routine no longer works?
- Data Folder Text Files:
  * ExpensesHelp.txt
  * FoodManagerData             - Folder
  * PictureTimeLineHelp.txt
- Data Folder Icon Files:
  * copy_32.png
  * Critical20.png
  * cut_32.png
  * delete_24.png
  * Exclamation20.png
  * GC-Exit.png
  * Information20.png
  * paste_32.png
  * Question20.png

 Post subject: Re: Graphic Controls Generator/Handler
Unread postPosted: Fri May 08, 2015 11:02 am 

Joined: Fri May 08, 2015 10:50 am
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I'm running into some errors when using with Basic! 1.87. Have you experienced them yourself or do you need details?

 Post subject: Re: Graphic Controls Generator/Handler
Unread postPosted: Sun May 10, 2015 3:27 am 

Joined: Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:21 am
Posts: 220
The only thing I can remember is a change to the ARRAY.LOAD command when used with the continuation command "~".
You need to remove the space before each "~" character in these commands to avoid a empty array entry being created.
If I counted correctly the ARRAY.LOAD command with continuation characters is used 2 times in GraphicConstants.bas and 7 times in GraphicControls.bas.
Due to hospital runs I've not had time to check the details but above problem affected some of the various sample programs.
If this does not fix your problems can you give me examples of what is failing and I will investigate.

 Post subject: Re: Graphic Controls Generator/Handler
Unread postPosted: Sat May 30, 2015 9:58 pm 

Joined: Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:53 am
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Location: Colorado, U.S.
Hi, bah. I apologize for the late response.

Besides the ~ continuation character problem Jeff described, there is another bug in v01.87. There can be problems if you use both GR.touched and the OnGRtouch: interrupt label. I don't know if it affects Jeff's Graphic Controls.

Both bugs are fixed in the test build v01.87.02. Or you can wait for v01.88, which should be coming in a week or two.

- Marc

 Post subject: Re: Graphic Controls Generator/Handler
Unread postPosted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:32 am 

Joined: Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:21 am
Posts: 220
Just uploaded v1.17 of the Graphic Controls/

Files uploaded:

GraphicControlsTestBed.bas (a few new test cases added)

Plus reloaded old version of GraphicControls.pdf

v1.17 Changes:
* Bug Fixed - bcCHECKRIGHT$ - databorder drawn incorrectly.
* Bug Fixed - bcPICCROP$ draw position not scaled.
* Added new function "SetCtrlFontSize(pctrlno,pval)".
* Frame controls and combobox controls dropdown lists now automatically
have their z-order changed whenever they are made visible so they
appear (with their contents) as the top most graphic.
* Added 4 new functions - "setctrlcaptxtclr(pctrlno,pcolour)",
and "setctrldatbakclr(pctrlno,pcolour)". Used to alter a controls
colours the next time it is drawn/rendered.
* Added new Shape option - "rndrect" - draws a Rectangle with rounded
* Added Quickmove Menu to Listbox control - click the three vertical
dots above scroll bar to access a dropdown menu to jump to first, last,
etc., list entry.
* Added new Button control style bcROUND$. Causes button to be drawn with
a semi-circle at each end. If control width set correctly it can result
in a round button being drawn. It works with the existing styles like
bcFLAT$, bcNOBORDER$, etc. if required.
* The style "bcMENULIST$" can now be applied to Buttons (results in a
dropdown list being shown when button clicked) and ComboBox controls.
In both cases the dropdown list can now be customised at the time the
control is touched (see below).
* Added new Constants:
Control ID:
LET bcMSGMENUCTRL=1082 - Either a physical Menu key or a Button control
with style bcMENUBTN$ pressed.
Message IDs:
LET bcMSGMENUSET=1582 - Sent by Graphic Controls routine
allowing Menu droplist list contents to be
reset via a SetCtrlCap() command before the
touch processing is actioned.
Previous value was 2082. New value assigned
to avoid possible duplicate message IDs when
bcMSGSETLIST used in conjuction with a Button
or Combobox control.
LET bcMSGSETLIST=2000 - Same processing as bcMSGMENUSET but for Button
or Combobox controls with style bcMENULIST$.
LET bcMSGMULTIUPDT=3000 - Sent when a multi-line listbox has been updated
by Graphic Controls processing.
LET bcMSGCHECKCLICK=4000 - Sent when a Listbox "Listview" Check box has
been clicked.
LET bcMSGCOLSORT=5000 - Sent when a Listbox "Listview" has been sorted
LET bcMSGPICSCROLL=6000 - Sent when a Picture control has been scrolled.
Usage Example:
SW.CASE cmdNamesButton
----- - Normal button Processing. If style bcMENULIST$
----- applied retrieve selected value via CtrlGetData$
----- call.
----- - The dropdown list contents can be reset if
----- required via SetCtrlCap() call.
Note: The "cmdNamesButton+bcMSGSETLIST" code is optional. If dropdown list
content is not required to change then there is no need to process
or code for this message.

 Post subject: Re: Graphic Controls Generator/Handler
Unread postPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:54 pm 
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Joined: Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:26 pm
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Location: GA, USA
When I try to run GraphicControlsTestBed.bas, the program starts initializing the graphics screen and then stops with an error message: Invalid Font Pointer. This occurs in GraphicControls.bas while executing the line: IF k<5 THEN GR.TEXT.TYPEFACE j ELSE GR.TEXT.SETFONT j

There are 2 occurences of this line in the code.

Don't know if this is only applicable to my situation, still I would like to report this error and possibly find a solution and see the graphic controls.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" MT580, Android 6.0.1

A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.

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