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 Post subject: Version v01.90 released
Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:49 pm 

Joined: Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:53 am
Posts: 2802
Location: Colorado, U.S.
Version v01.90 is up on BinTray.
It is on its way to the Google Play Store. If it is not there yet, it will be soon.

You can download the new version from BinTray or from Paul's FTP server.
The Release Notes are on Bintray, too. For v01.90 look here, and for all versions here.

For the whole story view or download the updated manual, De Re BASIC!, from Bintray or from Paul's FTP server.

Here are the release notes, mostly as they will appear BinTray. I hope they are complete. Please post if you know of something I missed.
Version 01.90 Release Notes
Release date: 2016/03/31

Fixes for new bugs in v01.89
  • Editor Load starts in "source/Sample_Programs" only after initial load.
  • ARRAY.DELETE and UNDIM are now allowed in interrupt-handling code.
  • BYTE.READ.BYTE no longer returns signed values.
  • GR.CLS now preserves your Current Paint and Working Paint. (Was resetting both to default.)
  • GR.TEXT.SKEW now displays skewed text correctly. (Was either not displaying the text or displaying it without skew.)
Fixes for old bugs
  • Crash (since v01.83): ASCII() or UCODE() function with sufficiently complex expression in the index argument.
  • Crash (since v01.84): GR.GET.TYPE with a numeric return variable.
  • Crash (very old) when Gr.Poly list is cleared or changed to have an odd number of coordinates.
  • Bug: single-line IF with function after ELSE was causing syntax error.
  • Minor Edit -> Clear bug, not setting Saved.
  • New function IS_NUMBER(): returns true if VAL() would not cause an error.
  • New command ARRAY.DIMS: returns the dimensions of one array in another array.
  • New commands SCREEN.ROTATION and SCREEN.SIZE: return information about screen rotation and dimensions in all modes.
  • New commands VOLKEYS.ON and VOLKEYS.OFF. (@mougino)

  • Editor Save: dialog shows correct path "source" after load from "source/Sample_Programs".
  • Commands that create an array can overwrite an existing array.
  • Array storage is now completely reclaimable. That is, when Undim and Array.Delete delete an array, all of its memory is released.
  • User function always overrides built-in function with the same name.

  • RANDOMIZE(): argument is now optional, same as 0.
  • GR and HTML: support same reverse orientations as Preferences.
  • GR.GET.TYPE, GRABURL, GRABFILE: on certain errors return testable value "" and set GETERROR$() string.
  • Improve timing when GR.OPEN or GR.ORIENTATION change the screen orientation.
  • SENSORS commands: add Step Detector, Step Counter, and Geomagnetic Rotation Vector.
  • SOCKET.MYIP: option to return multiple IP addresses and count of IP addresses.
  • SQL.NEXT: option to return multiple columns' data in a single array, with column count. You don't have to specify all column names in advance, or know now many columns exist.
  • SW.BEGIN: enhanced error detection; the requirement for SW.END is now enforced. (May not be backward-compatible.)
  • Switches are now fully nestable.
  • SW.CASE: allow list of values. (@mougino)
  • SW.CASE: allow operators <>, <=, >= (single value only). (@mougino)
  • A bare variable on a line is no longer a valid statement. (Not backward-compatible. Feature added in v01.85.)

The changes are described in more detail in De Re BASIC!, the user's guide and reference manual of BASIC!.
There is more information on GitHub, Issue #207.

- Marc

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Added Bintray Release Notes links

 Post subject: Re: Version v01.90.01 released
Unread postPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:06 am 

Joined: Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:53 am
Posts: 2802
Location: Colorado, U.S.
I have put test build version v01.90.01 on Paul's FTP server. (Download v01.90.01)

I have not yet put either the APK or the release notes on BinTray. This build was driven by Alberto's question about WakeLocks (last item in the list below).

Changes since v01.90:
- Marc

 Post subject: Re: Version v01.90.02 released
Unread postPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:00 am 

Joined: Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:53 am
Posts: 2802
Location: Colorado, U.S.
I have put test build version v01.90.02 on Paul's FTP server. (Download v01.90.02). This is not a candidate for v01.91, but it's close.

Most of this work is @mougino's. He has made a lot of enhancements while I was away. I apologize for not getting it out to everyone sooner.

Changes since v01.90.01:
  • Fixed backslash doubling ordinary letters. Reported here.
  • Fixes syntax error in Byte.Read.Number and Byte.Write.Number. Reported here.
  • Fixes bug in Sw.Break in single-line If. Reported here.
  • Adds Zip commands: Zip.Dir, .Open, .Read, .Write, .Close, Count. Discussed here.
  • RUN improvements. Forum discussion here.
    • Fix crash when calling RUN with empty string as parameter. GitHub Issue #216
    • New command Program.Info with BasPath, BasName, SysPath, UserApk. GitHub Issue #217.
    • RUN command with no argument restarts current program. GitHub Issue #218.
  • New string function COMMAND$() returns the path/file that started the APK. GitHub Issue #219. Forum discussion here.
  • Prevents APK crashes due to missing permissions. GitHub Issue #220. Forum discussion here.
  • App.Start/App.Broadcast: do not halt on unhandled Intent. Instead, set error to read with GETERROR$(). GitHub Issue #221. Original problem reported here.
  • Audio.Load can now load data from a URL. GitHub Issue #222.
  • Adds fullscreen support for HTML5 videos. GitHub Issue #224.

- Marc

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