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 Post subject: Version v01.88 released
Unread postPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 11:03 pm 

Joined: Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:53 am
Posts: 2802
Location: Colorado, U.S.
Version v01.88 is up on BinTray.
It is on its way to the Google Play Store. If it is not there yet, it will be soon. I intended to release this in June! I was delayed, mostly by the soft keyboard handling. But, at long last, here it is.

You can download the new version by clicking this link.
There are release notes here to tell you what's new, and for the whole story view or download the updated manual, De Re BASIC!.

Here are the release notes, mostly copied from BinTray. I hope they are complete. Please post if you know of something I missed.
We fixed some bugs that were new in v01.86 and v01.87.
The big news for this release is the flood fill (GR.bitmap.fill) and the option to enable hardware-accelerated graphics.
I'm also pretty excited about the improvements in managing the soft keyboard.
  • GR.GET.PARAMS crash (since v01.86)
  • TGET: Fix Menu -> Stop bug (since v01.87)
  • Preprocessor: Allow 0 or more spaces around . and ~ in LIST.ADD and ARRAY.LOAD continuation (since v01.87)
  • Do not allow recursive INCLUDE
  • NOTIFY: clear notification on program termination
  • TTS: Replace Yield() loop with LOCK block to reduce CPU usage
  • GR_COLLISION() and GR.BOUNDED.TEXT work if left coordinate > right or top > bottom
  • OnMenuKey now reports each MENU keystroke only once
  • DEBUG: reliability issue, crash displaying function info, reduced power usage
  • Formatter fixes: indentation of ELSEIF, allow "ELSE IF" and "END IF", capitalize compound keywords after THEN and ELSE, keywords in comments must not affect indent

  • New command GR.BITMAP.FILL
  • New functions ENCODE$() and DECODE$()
  • New commands KB.SHOW, KB.SHOWING, OnKbChange:, and KB.RESUME
  • KB.TOGGLE really toggles
  • Improve soft keyboard management with BACK key
  • Add DEBUG.? alias for DEBUG.PRINT
  • STT.LISTEN: Add "prompt" parameter; can change default prompt in APK
  • STT.RESULTS can reuse list.
  • GR.GET.VALUE can get values of multiple parameters
  • Return bitmap pointer -1 on bitmap creation errors
  • UNDIM of string array releases strings
  • AUDIO.LOAD/PLAY: improve error handling and reporting
  • Add minimum splash screen duration for users of standalone APK
  • Performance enhancement: group commands in loops
  • Add Preference option to enable hardware accelerated graphics
  • Add Preference option for empty console color
  • Reorganize Preference screen
  • Editor: Preference items to put menu items on the Action Bar
  • Editor: Change "Save and Run" so it has no Save dialog
  • Don't restart BASIC! except from Editor, and save Editor state for such a restart

The changes are described in more detail in De Re BASIC!, the user's guide and reference manual of BASIC!.
There is more information on GitHub, Issue #194

- Marc

 Post subject: Re: Version v01.88 released
Unread postPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:49 am 

Joined: Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:53 am
Posts: 2802
Location: Colorado, U.S.
I've put a test build on Paul's FTP server, v01.88.01

This should fix some of the crashes and bugs you have reported since v01.88 came out last week.

- kram's problem with losing the program (or crashing) when turning the Bluetooth keyboard on or off, or when connecting or disconnecting a USB keyboard.
- dutchLuck's crash with the optional parameters on a command.
- Crypha's jumbled Editor screen. This has been reported before; it's been a problem ever since Honeycomb, when some devices started using hardware acceleration (and caching) to draw the screen.
- Alberto's bizarre issue when opening a Dialog (Select or Input) shortly after a GR.close command.

And one older item:
- Daniel's request to change the menu order on Android versions since Honeycomb. This came out of the background work to fix the jumbled Editor screen.

Please test the changes you care about to make sure I got them right.

- Marc

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