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 Post subject: Version v01.86 released
Unread postPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2015 3:53 am 

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Version v01.86 is up on BinTray.

It is on its way to the Google Play Store. If it is not there yet, it will be soon.

You can download the new version by clicking this link.
There are release notes here to tell you what's new, and for the whole story view or download the updated manual, De Re BASIC!.

Here are the release notes, copied from BinTray. I hope they are complete. Please post if you know of something I missed.
Many of these are things we already discussed with one of the eight test builds since v01.85, so they will look familiar.
  • Multiple commands on a single line, separated by a colon character ':'.
  • Editor Menu -> Format support for multiple commands per line.
  • Editor Menu -> Format repairs left/right-quotation marks and HTML &nbsp.
  • New Editor Menu -> Load and Run option.
  • Support for decrypting .bas source files encrypted in a standalone APK.
  • LEFT$() and RIGHT$() length parameter can be negative: take "all but" length.
  • MID$() length parameter can be negative: count to left from start position.
  • New command ? is a shorter synonym for PRINT.
  • New commands GR.MOVE and GR.SHOW.TOGGLE.
  • GR.MOVE and GR.HIDE/SHOW/SHOW.TOGGLE used on a Group affects all objects in the Group.
  • GR.MODIFY "paint" or "alpha" used on a Group affects all objects in the Group.
  • All parameters of GR.OPEN and GR.COLOR are optional, with defaults.
  • All parameters of POPUP, except the message string, are optional, defaulting to 0.
  • Eliminated required PAUSE after GR.OPEN and GR.ORIENTATION.
  • Eliminated required PAUSE between SU/SYSTEM.READ.LINE commands.
  • New command BYTE.TRUNCATE.
  • Preferences option to select wrap or horizontal scroll in the Editor.
Problems Fixed
  • DO or WHILE on first program line did not work with interrupts. [!!]
  • Fixed a null pointer exception on devices with no satellite count in the GPS Location Report.
  • UNDIM in a function did not correctly UNDIM the array passed by reference. It does now.
  • Removed 100 ms offset on first TIMER interrupt.
  • Removed 100 ms minimum TIMER interval limitation.
  • Most Out Of Memory errors caused by large memory allocations (like bitmaps) can now be trapped with OnError:.
  • RUN command in a standalone APK can now run a .bas program from assets.
  • Standalone APK that does not use VIBRATE commands does not need android.permission.VIBRATE in the manifest.
  • Corrected a timing error that allowed an interrupt to occur while only partially returned from a user-defined function, disabling further interrupts.
  • Programs can be cut-and-pasted from the forum to the Editor. Any copied &nbsp are filtered out before the program is run. May be permanently removed with Editor Menu -> Format.
  • Fixed Editor Menu -> Format bugs when handling single-line IF.
  • Fixed Editor Menu -> Format bugs with quoted substrings and escaped quotation marks.
  • Return from Editor Menu->Search does not reset the default position to the top of the program. If you don't find what you search for, you return to where you were in the program when you started the search.
  • Editor Menu->Load gave only one error message for two different conditions. Now it distinguishes "File not directory" from "Source directory does not exist".
  • Fixed an error that kept the Editor from highlighting correctly when a runtime or syntax error occurred near the top or bottom of a program.
Many changes to De Re BASIC!, the user's guide and reference manual of BASIC!.

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