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 Post subject: Version v01.84 released
Unread postPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 12:20 am 

Joined: Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:53 am
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Version v01.84 is up on BinTray.

It is on its way to the Google Play Store. They may take a few hours to get it into their system.

You can download the new version by clicking this link.
There are release notes here to tell you what's new, and for the whole story view or download the updated manual, De Re BASIC!.

Here are the release notes, copied from BinTray. I hope they are complete. Please post if you know of something I missed.
  • New command BUNDLE.REMOVE removes a key/value pair from a Bundle.
  • New command DIALOG.MESSAGE creates a pop-up window with up to three buttons.
  • New command DIALOG.SELECT, like SELECT but presents list in a pop-up window.
  • New commands TEXT.POSITION.MARK and BYTE.POSITION.MARK allow reduced buffer size, avoiding Out Of Memory when reading large files.
  • New command FONT.LOAD allows loading a font, currently for use with GR.TEXT commands.
  • New commands FONT.DELETE and FONT.CLEAR for managing fonts loaded with FONT.LOAD.
  • New command GR.TEXT.SETFONT selects a font loaded with FONT.LOAD.
  • New command GR.TEXT.HEIGHT provides height and baseline of a font.
  • New command GR.STATUSBAR reports the height of the statusbar that may be shown with the graphics screen.
  • New command GPS.SATELLITES reports the number of satellites locked in for the last position fix.
  • Extended command INPUT: returns a flag indicating if the user cancelled the input window.
  • Extended command PHONE.INFO to provide Signal Strength for some networks - this is experimental.
  • Extended commands that can create a Bundle so they can re-use an existing Bundle.
  • Extended commands that can read a Bundle so they will create an empty Bundle if one does not already exist.
  • Extended command GR.TEXT.TYPEFACE to take a Style parameter (bold, italic, both, or neither)
  • Added a Preferences setting to disable display of the Console Menu.
  • Extended Sample Program f15_gps.bas to include a satellite count and a timestamp.
  • Extended Sample Program f28_bundle.bas to demonstrate BUNDLE.REMOVE, also uses new DIALOG.SELECT.
  • New test f40_phone_info.bas.
Problems Fixed
  • Fixed crash that could happen when using an array segment with ARRAY.SORT, SHUFFLE, or REVERSE.
  • Fixed crash that could happen if a program started with the RUN command stops with an error.
  • Fixed crash that could happen when using GR.GET.TYPE.
  • Fixed RUN command so it does not corrupt the Bitmap list of the program it runs.
  • Fixed GR.BITMAP.CROP and GR.BITMAP.SCALE so they always create a new bitmap, even if it is the same size as the old one.
  • Fixed GR.BITMAP.SIZE and GR.BITMAP.DRAW to take a full numeric expression, not just a numeric variable.
  • Fixed INCLUDE so it Reports an error if an I/O Exception occurs while reading the target file.
  • Fixed DEBUG.DUMP.STACK so it dumps a stack, not a list.
  • Eliminated the restriction on loadable file size imposed by some devices.
  • Fixed an error in Sample Program f16_select.bas, and change it to use the new DIALOG commands.
  • Fixed a directory-management error in f38_downloader.
Many changes to De Re BASIC!, the user's guide and reference manual of BASIC!.
Unless some major problem shows up, this is the last release this year. As announced here, I do not plan to resume development until late December or January.

- Marc

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